Chinatown Revitalisation project ensures Christmas remains in the heart and soul of Broome

The Chinatown Revitalisation project is pleased to receive positive feedback from the community and local businesses on the success of the 2016 Broome Christmas Party held on December 9.

The Project granted $10,000 to the Broome Chamber of Commerce and Industry, ensuring that the community would continue to celebrate Christmas in the heart and soul of Broome.

The event incorporated sections of Carnarvon St, Short St and Dampier Terrace with carols from local schools and community groups, gift markets, street food, kid’s entertainment and camels with three wise men among late night trading from local businesses.  A truly community-driven event, it was organised with the support of 87 local businesses and community organisations, as well as 12 volunteers who generously donated time or money to make it happen.

Other significant financial and in-kind contributions were made by the Shire of Broome, Broome Chamber of Commerce & Industry and CWD Builders.

Feedback from Chinatown businesses was positive, suggesting it was one of the best Christmas Parties they had experienced and that it should pave the way for more community street events in future.

The Christmas party also offered an opportunity for Chinatown businesses to showcase themselves to locals, with one suggesting it was a great marketing opportunity and they accrued new local customers as a result.

Shire of Broome President Cr Ron Johnston said, 

“The Christmas party was a demonstration of how the whole community will benefit from the opportunities seeded by the Chinatown Revitalisation project.

“Such occasions reinforce Chinatown’s status as the heart and soul of Broome, and through the Revitalisation we will be looking for more events which encourage local celebration and stimulus to the business community.”

The Project partners have appointed Chinatown Investment and Development Coordinator, Jeremy McMath to be liaison to the local business community and manage activations over the life of the project.

Launching soon will be the Chinatown website (, dedicated to offering information and receiving enquiries and ideas from the broader public.