Feasibility investigations under way for Roebuck Bay Reconnection and Gray Street Extension

Lead environmental consultant 'Strategen' has commenced work on the feasibility studies of the Roebuck Bay Reconnection and Gray Street Extension and Coastal Protection projects as part of the Chinatown Revitalisation.

Preliminary environmental studies of the feasibilities will also incorporate the Tourist Rest Facilities and Frederick Street Lookout to investigate approvals required for the proposed works on these locations, and subsequent studies to support those approvals.  Strategen will be investigating key factors which require further understanding to fully determine potential impacts of these projects which include (but are note limited to): 

• threatened Ecological Communities
• fauna
• wetlands
• ASS (acid sulphate soils)
• contaminated groundwater
• heritage
• UXOs (presence of Unexploded Ordinances)

In an initial report from Strategen it was indicated that the scopes of the studies and approvals required for these four projects are similar.  As such the Revitalisation hopes to make considerable savings and efficiencies from undertaking the studies and approvals simultaneously.