James Down Delivers New Store with New Offerings

Most of us would have walked past the old Kinney’s Store once or twice and wondered what was happening with the old building. Well wonder no more, as James and his team have completed a spectacular renovation, with Broome Gallery now open for business, and a new ice cream store and Azure Beach and Resort Wear scheduled to open in April 2018.

The renovation has enhanced several historical elements including the original floor; a key feature if you can take your eye off the amazing artwork.

Walk through Broome Gallery and you will be taken to a courtyard that James aspires to open as a wine bar sometime in the future. This courtyard has a feature artistic installation that was funded in part through a Chinatown Revitalisation Laneway Enhancement Project Grant. The piece is an original James Down work overlooking both the courtyard and Shady Lane Café.

The Revitalisation congratulates James and the team for their great work and welcomes more developments like this in the future.