Construction Commences on Roebuck Bay Lookout

  • Latest Broome Chinatown Revitalisation construction project commences.
  • The $706,500 Roebuck Bay Lookout will create a scenic viewing platform linking the iconic Roebuck Bay with Chinatown.
  • Collaborative design celebrates rich Aboriginal history and culture of significant site. 

Onsite construction has begun on the Roebuck Bay Lookout on the corner of Dampier Terrace and Fredrick Street.

Funded by the State Government, Shire of Broome and Tourism WA, the $706,500 lookout will be a major contributor to activating the Frederick Street and Dampier Terrace connection by providing a shaded resting and tourism point for visitors with sweeping views over iconic Roebuck Bay. 

In planning for several years, the Lookout has been widely publicised and undergone stakeholder consultation throughout the planning and design process.Yawuru Native Title Holders assisted the project team through these processes, and a Section 18 Heritage Clearance from the State Government has been received providing the appropriate land access approvals. 

Works at the Lookout will be contained within the Shire Road Reserve area. Yawuru Cultural Monitors will be onsite to assist with careful management of the land throughout the project’s construction period.

Broome Shire President Harold Traceysaid onsite construction would last about three months, starting in June with earthworks to create the lookout elevation and the offsite fabrication of the steel structure. Soon after the installation of the fabricated steel components including laser cut artwork panels will occur.

Temporary traffic management measures will be in place during some periods of construction due to large machinery required at the site. Local construction group Roadline Civil, appointed earlier this year to construct the lookout, will work with the project team to ensure any interruptions are minimal with little or no impact on surrounding premises. Appropriate notifications of any planned interruptions will be circulated in due course.

In acknowledging the Aboriginal significance of the location, Yawuru Traditional Owners have also worked with Broome Senior High School students in the development of artwork and cultural information panels incorporated into the Lookout’s structure and signage.

Distinctly designed interpretative panels will be a fascinating key feature, casting breathtaking shadows that move with the sun across the structure, and complement the surrounding natural elements. 

The Lookout is envisaged as a new point of interest on the award-winning Jetty to Jetty self-guided heritage walk which provides a rich visual history with unique personal accounts from those living in Broome during the height of the pearling trade.

For more information on the Chinatown Revitalisation Project and sub-projects visit |  Instagram @ChintownBroome

About the Chinatown Revitalisation Project

On Wednesday 8 June 2016, the State Government announced the investment of $10M to undertake detailed feasibility studies and to deliver transformational projects, reinforcing Chinatown as the cultural, historical and commercial centre of Broome.

The Shire of Broome has committed $2M to the project with Tourism WA committing a further $700K which brings the total project budget to $12.7M.

The projects identified to be key drivers in the revitalisation of Chinatown were mostly drawn from the Shire’s 2013 Chinatown Development Strategy, developed following extensive community consultation.

Funds will be spent on projects that improve the aesthetics, comfort and functionality of Chinatown as a place to socialise and do business.  Some funding has also been set aside to investigate the feasibility of more significant projects that will strengthen Chinatown over the longer term.

Implementation of the projects and oversight of the feasibility studies is being undertaken jointly by the Shire of Broome, Kimberley Development Commission and LandCorp. A Community and Stakeholder Reference Group has been established by the Shire and consultation with the wider community and key stakeholders will continue throughout the process.