Ancient Earth celebrates 3rd birthday with 20% off sale - Saturday 30/9 & Sunday 1/10

It's the owner-operated boutiques of Chinatown which appeals most to Ancient Earth's Belinda Johnson.  And her business with partner Sage is celebrating its third year with a sale this weekend.  

Belinda says, "We are getting ready for our 3rd Birthday celebrations on Sat 30th Sep & Sun 1st Oct where we will be offering 20% off all crystal & jewellery sales, as a way of saying thank you to the local Broome community for all their support over the last 3 years."

Belinda shares more about Ancient Earth and operating a business in Chinatown.

How are you connected to Chinatown?
My partner and I have 2 businesses in Little Johnny Chi Lane that are open 7 days. Ancient Earth Healing Centre which provides services to help people balance mind, body & spirit. Such as Massage, Chakra Balancing, Crystal Matrix Healing, 1 on 1 Spiritual Coaching, Aura Photo’s and more. Then to complement those services we have our retail store Ancient Earth Crystals & Gems that stocks a range of over 300 crystals, minerals & fossils from all over the world. We also have our own range of crystal soy candles, perfumes, sprays, incense & essential oils that we make ourselves here in Broome. We also offer a personalised service where we will make a candle, perfume or spray specifically to a person’s needs.
What is your favourite thing about Chinatown, and why?
My favourite thing about Chinatown is the variety/diversity of shops and the bonus that most of them are owner operated. Big chain stores and franchises are now common no matter what country you go to these days. So, it is nice to wander through Chinatown and see a variety of unique stores and wares that you would not find else were. 
If you had $20 to spend in Chinatown, what would you spend it on?
If I had $20 it would be on food, as I am a Foodaholic. 
Your recommendation for a good Chinatown experience?
Get up early, take a yoga class, grab a juice and take a walk around Chinatown starting from the jetty. Wander through the Art Galleries and down the lanes, as you never know what hidden treasures you may discover tucked away. Have  lunch at one of the many cafes, watch a movie and then continue to explore the many diverse shops. Now with late night shopping with Paint the Town Red on selected Friday nights you have a lot more time to explore. 
Ancient Earth
Little Johnny Chi Lane
Open 7 days
Owned by Sage and Belinda