Breakfast workshop gets creative juices flowing for Kimberley Centre for Culture, Art & Story

A world-class cultural centre in Chinatown was the topic of discussion at the Revitalisation’s breakfast workshop last week hosted by Simon McArthur at the Civic Centre.
As one of the ten projects of the Chinatown Revitalisation, the proposed ‘Kimberley Centre for Culture, Art & Story’ is an iconic multi-functional centre that could be a major new attraction for Chinatown.  It would house an interactive showcase of the full diversity and depth of Broome and the Kimberley region’s people, natural history, art and culture for visitors and locals, with the project within the Revitalisation project comprised of five crucial steps to establish its feasibility:

1. Inception and Project establishment (Now)

We review existing plans and research, organise communications and consultation for Phase 2.

2. Situation analysis

Ask for stories and ideas for experiences, benchmark best practice, investigate potential governance models, sites and funding sources. (June)

3. Concept development

Activate digital ideas board for stakeholders, second round of consultation for ideas refinement, evaluate sites and choose stories and ideas for feasibility. (July – October)

4. Feasibility Study

Determine development costs, operating forecasts and risks, write up feasibility report, third round of consultation on feasibility, choose whether to proceed to Business Case. (November – January 2018)

5. Business Case

Appoint an architect, define development costs, forecasts, governance model, write up Business Case to pursue funding. (February – April 2018)

Leading the working group for the Kimberley Centre for Culture, Art & Story is Peter Yu.

"The centre should offer an experience that challenges and inspires visitors’ understanding and appreciation of Broome and the Kimberley regions history, cultures and society," Said Peter.

Intended to cover all aspects of Broome and the Kimberley region’s art culture and natural history, Indigenous, Multicultural, European, Pearling and Pastoral and other industries, the centre will provide an opportunity for all members of the Kimberley community to showcase their art, culture and history.