Key design ideas for Carnarvon, Short and Dampier refurbishments delivered to traders and land owners

Chinatown traders and land owners were delivered the first impressions of design ideas in a series of workshops last week.

Key focus areas of the street refurbishments are to build energy spots, leverage investment in Chinatown to stimulate economic performance, celebrate the diverse heritage and culture of Broome and offer a generous cooling and comfortable experience for visitors to experience the Broome way of life.  

With this in mind and following initial meetings with Broome locals in April, the design team delivered several exciting concepts of how the streets could be transformed by decreasing the asphalt on the streets and increasing the public space while having minimal impact on parking.

Lead designer Andrew Howe said, "Our initial consultations unearthed many issues of Chinatown as it currently stands, being hot, unloved, unsafe and fragmented in its storytelling.

"To counteract these perceptions, and with the broader brief in mind, we've focused on structures that promote shade, business activation and strong heritage themes."

The next round of design delivery will be delivered in a public forum next month with the final plans to be presented to the project steering committee by September.

Anyone interested in learning more about the designs are encouraged to register at