Kimberley Centre for Culture, Art & Story Update

Investigations into the development of the Kimberley Centre for Culture, Art and Story continue with the 7th project update being released.

The key takeaway messages are that:

  • There is strong interest in experiencing cultural tourism in the region. Only 22% of respondents had not, or did not, plan to visit or experience a cultural attraction or activities while staying in Broome and the Kimberley.
  • There is a need for marketing and product improvement to attract more visitors to participate in Aboriginal tourism. A large 70% of respondents had not, or were not, planning on an Aboriginal tourism experience while they were in the region. However, visitors who travelled to Broome by plane were far more likely to choose assisted Aboriginal experiences;
  • Almost all respondents (95%) said that the Kimberley Centre concept was moderately appealing to extremely appealing. The strongest interest in the Kimberley Centre came from respondents travelling to Broome by plane, followed by those flying in by planes but staying in Broome, followed visitors travelling into Broome in their own vehicle;
  • The most popular proposed experiences were face to face storytelling and technology driven depictions of The Dreaming.

Respondents were prepared to pay between $15 and $30 for entry to the Kimberley Centre. They would also be prepared to pay slightly more for value adding experiences, such as art or cultural immersion workshops, and $5 and $10 more, if some of the entry charge is reinvested into helping Aboriginal people create more cultural tourism experiences across the Kimberley.

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