Featured business - Broome Gallery

How are you connected to Chinatown?
I’ve had my business based in Chinatown for 4 years now and have long wanted to secure one of the old buildings in Chinatown – I jumped at the opportunity when the Old Ellies store (sometimes referred to as the old Kinney’s store) came up for sale.

Why Chinatown?
Chinatown is the place to trade and do business. It has great cafés and a good feel which makes it a place that most people visit.

If you had $20 what would you spend it on in Chinatown?
Two tropical smoothies from the Shady Lane Juice Bar.

What would you recommend people have a look at when they are next in Chinatown?
True North office – great to dream.

Want to plug your business?
With the new location and renovated business there is more opportunity for people walking by to see the Broome Gallery. The artwork for sale is one part, but the heritage listed building really adds something to the new store, which I love.

Soon we will see Ellies Ice-creamery and Azure Beach and Resort Wear open up on either side of the shop which will be something everyone will need to come and see.