Featured business: Tackle World Broome

We recently stopped into Tackle World Broome on Carnarvon St to chat with Steve Chambers and the team about their thoughts on Chinatown.

How are you connected to Chinatown?
I’ve had my business based in Chinatown for more than 25 years and have seen a lot change during this time. The business has not always been called Tackle World but has always been fishing related.

Why Chinatown?
Chinatown is the CBD of Broome and most people need to come here regularly. It is a great place for a business to be based and being on Carnarvon St we get a lot of walk-past traffic.

Another good point is that our customers can pull up outside with their boats hooked up, grab their gear and be at the boat ramp within 20 minutes!

If you had $20 what would you spend it on in Chinatown?
A cold beer at the Roey …

What would you recommend people have a look at when they are next in Chinatown?
Yuen Wing store - it’s amazing what you will find in there.

Want to plug your business?
Tackle World is more than just a fishing store. We have a range of fishing and hunting items for sale but more importantly all the staff know what they are talking about and always happy to give advice. Most of us are known to like a yarn and always welcome someone wanting a friendly chat.