The Boab Tree Project

The Background

Three days a week Broome Youth and Families Hub (BYFH) offer Indigenous Early Learning and Parenting Group Sessions. To support this, Broome Community and Child Health Service provide primary health care and health education to mothers in an informal manner of “yarning”. These sessions are called “Mums and Bubs – Health Sessions”. 

At the weekly “Mums and Bubs – Health Sessions” activities are supported by a variety of resources such as pictures, diagrams, and information flyers that deliver informative and interactive sessions that are culturally appropriate. Health topics are chosen from the interests and needs of the group. The program is flexible and changes if and when required, depending on those involved. A particular session that is quite popular is “The Healthy Skin and Hygiene - Common Skin Infections Session”, which is based around the mothers and children creating body scrubs using home pantry items. This activity allows for education on the symptoms, signs, treatments and preventions of common skin conditions, this leads to further understanding and discussions on the risks of not recognising and responding to health changes. 

These sessions are held at BYFH, as it is a comfortable environment for mothers and their children. This environment enhances a sense of belonging and builds on program ownership. During the sessions we listen to the concerns and interests of the participants to help direct future sessions. Guest speakers are often invited to attend, to help inform mothers on speciality areas such as women’s health, breastfeeding, diabetes, health education and nutrition. This allows the families to develop relationships and familiarity with other services available in the region.

The aim of these sessions is to empower and support the mothers and their families in developing a healthy lifestyle. 

The Story of the Boab Tree

“The Boab Tree Project” came about following evaluations of the Health Sessions presented during 2017. 

From the participants responses it was found that there was a great need to increase the focus on mental health, strength, empowerment, coping skills and self-confidence.


To promote empowerment, strength and cultural identity to overcome adversity, build self-esteem and social and emotional wellbeing through mental and physical health education and creativity.  

The Process

“The Boab Tree Project” uses the medium of art to engage with Aboriginal mothers to open discussion around strength and emotional well-being.  The participants painted a sheet of canvas with a large image of the outline of a Boab Tree to represent the family tree and relationships of Aboriginal Broome families. This was then cut up into squares for each participant to paint separately. This tells their story of what family means to them, what is important to them and what makes them strong through the medium of art and narrative. Each square has been brought back together representing each person’s connection in the wider community. 

Broome Community Health Exhibition

To support The Boab Tree Project, Broome Community Health are putting on an exhibition at Chinatown HQ. To view and support this project, the Broome community is invited to Chinatown HQ located at Little Johnny Chi Lane every day from June 6th-19th between 10am-3pm.


If you would like to enquire about any of the sessions mentioned or chat to any of the team, please see details below.

Broome Youth and Families Hub | Isla 9193 6559

Broome Community and Child Health Service | Bonnie and Amy 9194 2340

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