Meet Jeremy - Chinatown Investment & Development Coordinator

Q1:          How are you connected to Chinatown? (tell us your story)

My first visit to Chinatown was over a decade ago on holidays, where I walked Chinatown on a balmy Easter long weekend. Since moving to Broome in 2013, I worked in a small design studio on Dampier Terrace. From here I watched the daily pulse of people on the boardwalk buying pearls, asking for directions and wanting to know ‘where is Chinatown’. Since starting as Chinatown Investment and Development Coordinator in November 2016, I now have a tangible opportunity to work with Chinatown owners and traders to make Chinatown a more vibrant and attractive place to visit.


Q2:          What is your favourite thing about Chinatown, and why?

I love walking Carnarvon St on a dry season morning to grab a coffee and seeing the crowds of tourists and locals around - it’s great to see so much energy in this once-thriving hub.


Q3:          If you had $20 to spend in Chinatown, what would you spend it on?

On a Saturday, I’d buy a coffee and almond croissant from Good Cartel’s Box Office at Sun Pictures and take the remainder over to Yuen Wing Store to buy some treats.


Q4:          Your recommendation for a good Chinatown experience?

Experiencing a movie at Sun Pictures is one of the most unique experiences to have in Chinatown. Whatever the movie, watching (and hearing) bats and planes fly past overhead mid scene is incredible.  


Q5:          Are you promoting anything special right now that everyone should know?

The Chinatown Revitalisation Project is working away on a handful of initiatives to kick start the action in Chinatown. ‘Music Mornings’ will bring performers into the streets on Sunday mornings, ‘Late Night Trading’ will occur monthly on Fridays with the Reivtalisation Project assisting with delivery support. Lastly ‘Park(ing) Day’ will be a day long event on the streets of Chinatown that reclaims car bays as public space and helps promote what more public space can do for a town centre. As always, the Project HQ will be open 10-2 weekdays with several exhibitions and installations taking place throughout August and September that will also assist in creating some activity on the weekends.